Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some HTML(5) stuff...

It is no exaggeration to say that HTML5 is a hot stuff. Every now and then something cool pops up that is enabled by HTML5 and modern browsers. So, here in this post I'm going to present the links I collected during some period now. Basically, there will be more than just HTML5, but majority is definitely about HTML5.

First, I just finished watching this video. It's some basic stuff/intro to HTML5, but with a lot of interesting things. For example, definition of what is a tag and what is an element. The guy giving presentation is from Google Chrome team, so he naturally uses Chrome. What I liked very much is presentation within Web browser. I also like the idea that you see a small part of next slide. This helps a lot because you know what's coming. A also tried (I think for the first time) JavaScript console and Developer tools in Chrome, and they are very nice tools.

Let me summarize few things from HTML5 video that I remember:
  • Story about how <docroot> element was invented. It was introduced prior to HTML5 to distinguish old and new types of HTML documents. In HTML5 it is substantially simplified.
  • Ending tags not required, and attributes don't have to be within quotes.
  • Many tags optional, like head, body, tbody.
  • Story of how innerHTML element was introduced in IE and how it took almost 10 years to be implemented in Mozilla too.
  • Charset definition should be placed before title, so to avoid possible cross site scripting attack via UTF-7.
  • Parsing of HTML was never standardized. Part of the HTML5 specification is parser.
  • There is a reference implementation, html5lib.
The guy also gave a link to his presentation. It is here. But, I suggest that you look into the source because there you'll find few more interesting things. I opened source because I was curious how this presentation is made. Of the interesting things, first, there is a timeline of Web browsers from 1990 unitl today. Very detailed, and very interesting. Second, there is a graph of Web browser layout engine usage share, from 1994 till 2006.

For end, here are links to some cool stuff that can be done using HTML/CSS/JavaScript:

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