Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ntop 5 on CentOS 6...

Last week I decided to install ntop on one of my CentOS 6 machines and, to much of my surprise, it turned out that there is no ntop package in the standard CentOS6 repositories (i.e. Base, EPEL, RPMFusion). Then, I looked into Fedora repository and it turned out that there is package, but for the older version, i.e. 4.0 (the newest version of ntop at the time this post was written was 5.0). So, I downloaded that older version, placed new version of ntop, modified a bit SPEC file and tried to build it. It didn't work intermediately, but after few more tweaks it worked. I filled a bug report on RedHat's bugzilla so that maintainter can upgrade a package, if he wishes so.

In the mean time, I decided to build package for CentOS 6. The main problem is that Fedora introduced Systemd instead of traditional SysV init used by CentOS. To cut the story short, I managed to do that, too. The resulting SPEC file can be used in both Fedora and EPEL6. I uploaded new SPEC file (and init file) to bugzilla, so you can fetch them there if you wish.

Until maintainers decide what to do, and if anything to do with it, here are the SRPM file and resulting binary RPM file for 64-bit CentOS6.


Unknown said...

Hello, the links are broken.
Can you fix them ?

Stjepan Groš (sgros) said...

I accidentally removed binary files, but unfortunatelly I'll be able to fix that only in a week or two...

Stjepan Groš (sgros) said...

Ok, links are fixed.

Nikolaos Milas said...

Thank you, it's been very useful.

I installed it successfully.

Nikolaos Milas said...

Hmm, I try to run ntop, but it fails:

# service ntop start
Starting ntop: service not configured, run ntop manually


# /etc/init.d/ntop start
Starting ntop: service not configured, run ntop manually

Any advice?

Maybe something wrong with init script?

Please advise.

Stjepan Groš (sgros) said...

You have to manually run ntop once in order for it to set administrator password. As a root user just type ntop in command line and press enter. It will ask you password, and maybe something else. Then, kill this process (if it is still running) and start it as a service.

Nikolaos Milas said...

OK, I got it here:

Nikolaos Milas said...

By the way, I am trying to use the "--no-mac" option in /etc/ntop.conf file, but this fails:

# service ntop start
Starting ntop: /usr/sbin/ntop: unrecognized option '--no-mac'
/usr/sbin/ntop: unrecognized option '--no-mac'

Why ntop wouldn't recognize this option?

Stjepan Groš (sgros) said...

There is no more --no-mac option (man ntop doesn't show it). But why and when it was removed and if there is replacement option, I don't know.

Glenn Matthys said...

Subversion should be listed as one of the builddeps.

Glenn Matthys said...

And python-devel too.

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