Thursday, November 17, 2011

MagicISO and uif format...

I just stumbled on some file that was written in uif format. Linux's file command doesn't recognize it but google-fu quickly revealed a tool to convert uif format into iso image. This is a command line tool that works on both Linux and Windows.

Now, I suggest that you read uif2iso.txt file that is embedded into the archive. It turns out that uif format was made up by some Chinese guy who produces MagicISO tool. By "inventing" this totally new format it forces users to by his tool. But, it seems also that the guy is quite proactive in what he does. Alway, now and then, he changes the format so that other tools that were able to read he's format don't work any more.

Morale of this story is quite clear! Use standard tools and standard formats!

I think that it is important so spread information like this and thus I wrote Croatian version of this post too.

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