Sunday, November 20, 2011

Physics news...

Very interesting news in physics lately. First, there are news about OPERA team repeating experiments (preprint here), this time with a greater precision and with the same results, i.e. neutrinos arrived sooner than expected. Now even those that were skeptical a becoming cautious, that is, everyone is now waiting for MINOS to repeat experiment so that we get independent results. If MINOS confirms OPERA results, that will certainly be revolution! An while I'm at those that are skeptical, I highly recommend blog from physicists Ethan Siegel, I find it very interesting and informative!

Then, there is a news about another breakthrough, in quantum mechanics. Basically, it was believed that wave function represents probability of where particle is. But this new results says that it is actually something that exists as such!

To continue, there is another news about possibility that LHC may have found a crack in modern physics. It's a mystery why matter "survived" while antimatter didn't. Results provided by LHC (more precisely LHCb detector) show that there is a 0.8% difference in decay between matter and antimatter. This is about 8 times more than predicted by the current theories. This results isn't conclusive yet as it has to achieve 5 sigma significance (currently it is only 3). But, there was experiment done earlier by Fermilab that showed the difference about 0.46%. This result had statistical significance of only 3 sigma, but since now there are two independent experiments with the almost same results, this is becoming interesting.

Finally, it seems that the hunt for Higgs boson is closing down, to show does it exist or not.

And while I was reading some comments I found recommendations for several other good physics blogs:
So much interesting stuff... so little time... :(

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