Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More about Steve Jobs...

A lot has been written about Steve Jobs many of which were simply to idealistic. I just found this article that, it seems to me, better explains Jobs' character, virtues, but also deficiencies. This article actually cites a lot from Steve Jobs' biography written by Isaacson.

Anyway, the truth is that Jobs, no matter what we think about him, did achieve something special and interesting thing is to analyze what virtue that was that made this possible. This article references the work of the economists Ralf Meisenzahl and Joel Mokyr who argue that industrial revolution started in Britain not because of innovation but because of a tweakers that succeeded in making something already invented much better.  Now, what is claimed by the article is that Jobs was tweaker, not inventor, as exemplified by his own words: You’ve got to show me some stuff, and I’ll know (what's right) it when I see it.

Anyway, this is a recommended read.

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