Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Starting from this year I'm going to be a vice chair of Information Systems Security event that is a part of a larger MIPRO conference. The reason I took this role is that I believe that relevant security event is missing in this region and that this conference (I'll say conference not event from now on and by that I'll refer to ISS event) can fill the void. Furthermore, I believe there is lot of a room for improvements, which is of course mandatory if this conference is to become regional, and I have some ideas what and how to do it. But it will take me some time until I articulate what I intend to do. In the meantime, CFP was published [PDF].

I don't find conferences appropriate for publishing finished work, journals a better for that purpose. Conferences are, on the other hand, ideal for presenting your work in progress in order to solicit feedback so that, in the end, you improve quality of your research. I especially invite students, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate, so submit their work for diploma thesis or PhDs. Also of great interest are findings of weakness (vulnerabilities) somewhere, I invite you to present your finding on the conference. Of course, in that case you should be careful first to notify those you found a vulnerability so that they have time to react.

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