Friday, July 20, 2012

A case against wizards...

Well, I mean on those configuration wizards that allow you to quickly setup and get on going with something.

They have their advantages, but also disadvantages. In my opinion one big disadvantage is that they take away one very important thing from you and that is making mistakes. Yes, because we learn by making mistakes, and if everything goes right, we haven't learned much. In short term, you won, but in long term, I think you lose. Namely, when something doesn't go right - and things have a huge tendency not to go right - then, if you show a problem to a person that did a lot of mistakes, and the one that used wizard and didn't have a clue of what can go wrong, I think that the one that made mistakes will be more efficient in solving a problem.

So, what would be a conclusion? Well, I think you should first try a harder way and only after you mastered it, take a shortcuts to be as quick as possible.

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