Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anti-SOPA protest... results...

This week there was anti-SOPA protest in which several high profile Web sites took part, e.g. Wikipedia, Google, YCombinator, to name a few. I already blogged about SOPA. PIPA appeared in the mean time and I didn't covered it, but in the end I think it's no better than SOPA.

The blackout event was also covered by all the media in the world and now, even my parents know there was Wikipedia blackout, even though they vaguely knew for what purpose. :)

What is interesting are the effects, and it seems that there was some kind of DDoS attack on Congress. You can see some stats here, that is the only information I found, but nevertheless, numbers are impressive. If I correctly understand, there were over 200,000 calls to Congress that day, quite a huge amount.

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