Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to resume download in Firefox...

I started a large download in Firefox and it turned out to be very slow. Since I was downloading from Oracle, I was probably given "wrong" mirror to download from. So, I was thinking about stopping this particular download and resuming later but I didn't want to lose what I already had. The problem was that it seemd that the Firefox doesn't support that particular scenario, at least not without some fiddling with files.

Anyway, I found a tip on the Internet how to resume broken downloads which helped me manage this particular case. The algorithm is simple, first, go to the directory where partially downloaded files are and move them to some temporary location. Note that there are actually two files per download. One with the "right" name and the other with ".part" extension. Next, start download as usual, then, pause it immediately after download starts. It's important to pause it, not stop. Now, move saved files back to the download directory, overwriting existing files, and resume download. And that's it!

There is just one thing to note. In case you want to stop downloading and resume it later, don't press 'stop' button because it will remove everything that's partially downloaded. Use pause button instead.

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