Thursday, February 23, 2012

Problem of encrypted hard disks in court...

Well, I already blogged about the problem (the post is in Croatian) of encrypted disks, that is, problem from the law enforcement (and probably by extension, a government's) point of view. The case that motivated me to write that previous post didn't finish yet. Namely, according to the latest news, the defendant in this case must turn in decrypted hard drive. Note that she doesn't have to turn password! The problem seems to be around the question how the Fifth Amendment that prevents self-incrimination applies to this case. This is a very tricky question. The problem is that EFF also took part in this case protecting the rights of users to encrypt their data. But, it is also true that criminals, terrorists and others can prevent law enforcement in their investigations. We'll see how this case develops.

In the end, I'm very confident that in Croatia (and similar countries) this kind of questions are like science fiction, even though they are important and relevant!

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