Friday, August 17, 2012

How to communicate with OSSEC deamons via Unix socket...

OSSEC daemons, when started, open Unix sockets for a local communication. For example, ossec-execd opens the following socket:
On which, it waits for commands. If you try to send it message using echo, or in some similar way, you'll receive an error message:

$ echo 1 message > /opt/ossec/var/queue/alerts/execq
bash: /opt/ossec/var/queue/alerts/execq: No such device or address
because, it's not a pipe. But, it is possible to "manually" send it command using socat utility. socat is very capable utility with, equivalently complex syntax. In this case you should run it like follows:
$ socat - UNIX-CLIENT:/opt/ossec/var/queue/alerts/execq 
What we are saying in this case is that we want socat to relay messages between stdin (first address, minus) and unix socket in which it is a client (i.e. the socket already has to be opened/created).

Now, whatever you type, will go to ossec-execd. This can be monitored either in ossec's logs, or if we start ossec-execd in debug mode (without forking), in the terminal.

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