Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip to Australia...

So, finally I got a chance to visit Australia. This means two things. First, I'll be posting a bit less this month while I'm not at home, and second, my posts will be related to Australia, more specifically, my impressions about Australia. And two additional things for this post:
  1. The trip to Australia is not a piece of cake. I was in USA several times, and when you compare that trip, with this one, then you can safely say it's nothing. :)
  2. I just logged into GMail and was presented with a security question. It turns out that Google monitors from which location you sign in and in case you sign in from different one, it presents you with a security question (actually, you can choose between three questions). Now, what I wonder is, is the decision to present you with a security question influenced in any way by geographic distance. And if it is, what is the formula?
So much for now. :)

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