Tuesday, December 20, 2011

List all tabs across all windows in Firefox...

I have a lot of windows opened at the same time, and in each window there are many tabs. This makes it a nightmare to find a specific tab; you have to go window by window, and tab by tab. So, I just spent half an hour, maybe more, searching for a way to list all tabs that are opened in all windows. It turns out that there is not much information. In majority of cases you'll find news and tips on how to see all tabs in a single window (that one is easy) but not much than that. I also found a post how to do it in Safari, but not in Firefox. Finally, I came across this post in which poster is looking for a way to search all tabs in all windows. One of the responders mentioned a plugin called Tabhunter, which did the trick. So, to make this particular problem more visible in Google searches, I'm writing this post.

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