Saturday, December 10, 2011

Higgs field vs. Higgs particle...

Well, it turns out that this week there will be a press conference in CERN that will present results of the search for Higgs particle. It could be that the physicists will not find it, or it could be they found some sign of its existence. Anyway, reading article What if there is no Higgs boson, a found a blog with The Higgs FAQ 1.0. If you are not physicists, like me, then I strongly recommend that you read that particular FAQ. It explains very good what's all the fuss about Higgs particle is, and basically stresses that the particle itself is not so important as it is the Higgs field! Actually, it seems to me that the Web site with The Higgs FAQ has a lot of material easy to understand for lay persons so I also recommend that you look into it.

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