Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iOS versus Android...

Well, there are two approaches to develop smart phone OS. The first one is Apple's way and that is to control everything. The other one is Google's way and that is to control (almost) nothing. My personal opinion is that Apple's way is better for people that don't know anything about computers and thus someone else has to make choices for them. Of course, Google's way is better for those that want freedom and/or know what they are doing. In the long term, I believe Google's approach is better, and for two reasons. The first one is that more companies (i.e. people) can innovate more. The second one is that anyone can develop applications for Android, while in case you want to develop for iOS you have to own Mac.

Currently Apple has larger stake and in long term this is not sustainable. So, the tactics it uses is sue everyone for patent infringements and keep monopolistic position. Do I need to say that I hate Apple because of that?! Oh yeah, and I hate software patents, too! Anyway, today I stumbled upon the following link where this gay lists what Apple took from Android. Great read...

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