Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lecture about agile software development

On November 22nd and 25th, 2013, I gave a lecture about agile software development to a group of employees of Croatian Telecom. This lecture was part of their internal education in which they were educated about different IT and business technologies. The goal of the lecture was not to teach them specifics of agile software development but to give them some kind of an overview of agile development, to contrast it to a more traditional methods, more specifically to waterfall development model, and to compare them mutually. With that in mind, I ended up with a presentation that has the following parts:
  1. Introduction and motivation
  2. Why is software development hard?
  3. Traditional methodologies
  4. Principles of Agile software development.
  5. Some specific agile software development methodologies.
  6. Problems encountered when introducing agile methods.
  7. Experiences gained during introduction of agile methods from some companies.
  8. History of agile methods.
  9. Conclusion.
The presentation is in Croatian, and available here. In case there is demand, I'll translate it to English. I plan to enhance and improve the presentation (there is lot of place to do so). If I upload newer version I'll expand this post. But also, filename will be changed (it includes date of a release). Accompanying this presentations are references I deemed the most interesting for those employes. They can be downloaded as a single ZIP file. Note that those references are in English!

I'm using some pictures from the Internet in the presentation and I hope that I didn't broke any licence or copyright agreements. The same holds for papers in ZIP file which are given for purely educational purposes. In case I didn't do right something, please notify me.

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