Sunday, October 14, 2012

Request for Blogger feature: Versioning for posts....

Yesterday and today I was looking for a possibility to have post on blogger versioned, both, before and after it is published. What I want is to have ability to:
  • track changes, especially after the post is published so that readers of the blog can request diff to see what I've changed (even though I usually only correct spelling and grammar errors),
  • ability to fork a certain post, rewrite it and publish it as a new one with automatic tracking of those forks so that readers know that.
Also, I decided that my students will have to write blog about what are they doing for their diploma thesis (and other things they have to done during their studies under my supervision). But, I require from them not to publish a post until I review it. And there is a problem, the support for review process within blogger is very weak. Now, I know we can use LibreOffice or MS Office to do that, or just plain simple files, but I somehow think that it will add another layer of complexity to the process that is already not so simple. Not to mention editing.

So, does anyone know about some plugin, or how to request feature on blogger?

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