Sunday, October 14, 2012

Microprocessor architectures...

One of the tings that interest me a lot, even though only as a spectator, is the architecture of modern processors and techniques used to make them as fast as possible. I stumbled recently on post and analysis of AMD's new processor (micro)architecture Bulldozer, which brought me to this PDF document that summarizes in one place characteristic details of modern processor architectures. Highly recommended read! On the pages of the guy who wrote that PDF document you'll also find a lot of other interesting stuff, mostly low level, for assembly programmers or those who care a lot about every bit of performance.

And while I'm at this low level details, I like to mention one other site also very good source of information. It is Ulrich Drepper's homepage. He's one of maintainters for glibc and on his homepage there is a lot of documentation with description inner workings of glibc. But one of the things I wanted to mention now, related to the topic of microprocessor architecture, is the paper titled Understanding CPU Caches.

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