Sunday, December 13, 2015

Research paper: "Development of a Cyber Warfare Training Prototype for Current Simulations"

One of my research directions I'm taking is simulation of security incidents and cyber security conflicts.  So, I'm searching for research papers that present work about that particular topic and one of them is the paper "Development of a Cyber Warfare Training Prototype for Current Simulations". I found out for this paper via announcement made on SCADASEC mailing list. The interesting thing is that the given paper couldn't be found on Google Scholar at the time this post was written. Anyway, it was presented on Fall 2014 Simulation Interoperability Workshop organized by Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO). All papers presented on the Workshop are freely available on SISO Web pages. The given workshop is, according to papers presented, mainly oriented towards military applications of simulation. Note that cybersecurity simulations only started to appear but the use of simulations in military are old thing.

Reading the paper Development of a Cyber Warfare Training Prototype for Current Simulations was valuable experience because I met for the first time a number of new terms specific to military domain. Also, there are references worth taking a look at, what I'm going to do.

In the end, I had the following conclusions about the paper:
  1. The paper talks about integrating cyber domain into  existing combat simulation tools. So, they are not interested in having a cybersecurity domain specific/isolated simulation tool. It might be extrapolated that this is based on the US military requirements.
  2. When the authors talk about cyber warfare training what they are basically describing is a cyber attack on command and control (C&C) infrastructure used on a battlefield.
  3. The main contribution of the paper is a description of requirements gathering phase based on use cases (section 3) and proposed component that would allow implementation of proposed scenarios (section 4).

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