Thursday, June 14, 2012

An interesting article about car dealers...

Yesterday I lost over an hour reading the article titled Confessions of a Car salesman. Very interesting peace, worth of reading, and probably valid for other situations and other countries, like Croatia, too. Thinking a bit more about this, I'm certain that everything in life is in essence a process of buying and selling. Probably someone more experienced/knowledgeable that I am will laugh now as I discovered hot water. :) But hey, it's better to realize that sooner than later. :)

So, I'll emphasize few things I found interesting in the paper and that I remembered:
  • The first one is "up to" method. When you want to sell something, you ask how much the one buying is prepared to give. When you hear the price, you then ask 'Up to...?' and that buyer then increases a price by himself. :)
  • Also, what was interesting is that when you enter office, the probability that you'll buy something rises. This is one of the tactics of sellers, get a person into the office. What's interesting is that this reminded me when I was in Egypt. Tactics there is to get you into the shop and to do that they use different tricks, e.g. they have a present for you, but nothing to put it into so you'll have to come with him into his shop.
  • When you are trying to sell something, you have to talk constantly. It is not so important what you are talking about as it is not to stop talking. :) This reminds me of cases where I overheard some guy seducing a woman and thinking what a stupid things he's saying. But, the point was not to stop talking. :)
  • Buying over the Internet removes a lot of pressure from buyer, so it is advisable to use the Internet, at least as a preparation for buying something.
  • It's good to work in pairs. Namely, in that case one can be bad, in a sense that he/she brings bad news, so that you can be good guy and to have confidence from a buyer while in the same time claiming that bad guy said something and you can not negotiate it.
  • When approaching someone it's good to start with small talk just to relax that one you approached.
But only later I realized that this article was written in 2001. and I was really surprised. So I wonder, what, if anything, changed from that time. Probably one thing changed, namely, in the article it says that Internet is "ruining" a bussines, and it's certainly true that Internet today is more popular than it was 10 years ego. Nevertheless, it's good one. Some time in a future I intend also to read other Confession articles, too.

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