Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Compiling OVALDI on CentOS 6.5

Some time ago I wrote about compiling Ovaldi on CentOS 6. Now, I tried to compile it again, and I found out that some things changed. Most importantly, there is no need to compile old Xalan/Xerces libraries any more. But, there are still problems with RPM. To make the story short, I managed to compile it and create RPM. Here are the files:
  • patch you need to be able to compile ovaldi
  • SRPM file you can use to recompile ovaldi; it contains patch
  • RPM file if you don't want to compile it yourself (and you trust me ;))
Note that I didn't do any testing at all! So, it might happen that rpm based stuff doesn't work. If that's the case leave a comment and I'll take a look when I find time.

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