Friday, December 28, 2012

OSSEC error 'remote_commands'...

While upgrading one of the agents from ossec version 2.6 to 2.7, I was testing agent configuration and I got the following error message:
ossec-logcollector(2301): ERROR: Definition not found for: 'logcollector.remote_commands'.
It didn't appear before, and more importantly, I haven't had a slightest idea what's the problem! So, I decided to dig a bit further to find out. BTW, I removed timestamp column from the log entry as it is not important here.

So, what I found is that this is a new configuration variable introduced in 2.7 version of OSSEC. It is expected to be defined in internal_options.conf file. The reason I got it is that my internal_options.conf was from 2.6.

This variable is a boolean flag (accepted values are 0 and 1) and its purpose is to allow administrator to control whether the agent will accept commands from the manger, or not. This value is used when configuration is loaded, here. If it is set to 0 then any command configurations will be ignored, e.g. the ones like the following one:
For each ignored configuration entry, there will be appropriate notification message in the log file, something like the following message:
Remote commands are not accepted from the manager. Ignoring it on the agent.conf

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